Publishing of the web-based magazine "Machina Mundi" (ISNN 2182-1690)

This web-based magazine assembles CLEPUL’s researchers and disseminates the work they are currently developing, namely through short scientific dissemination articles; when appropriate, their work establishes a healthy debate between several Lusophone cultures.

The main concept behind this magazine is quite evident in its editorial:

“[…] we aim to broaden our subject matter and to diversify our viewpoints on culture, which is our chosen area; to this end we shall publish interviews with personalities that will add value to current issues. In addition, the magazine will include, in each issue, details on what publishers are launching, announcing their publications, and/or providing critical analysis on published work considered relevant by the magazine’s editorial board.
This is the reason why we are contacting different publishers, hoping to collaborate with them by knowing their publications and being able to produce proper cultural dissemination. This will be of great interest for those looking us up on the Internet.
Behind our decision-making process lies the idea that because culture is deeply connected to information (far more than to cultivation), then culture should call for deep analysis and encourage comparison and evaluation before passing judgement of any kind.” 

Direction and Coordination Board