Modernidade, Identidade, Historiografia e Relações com as Modernas Literaturas dos Países Africanos de Língua Portuguesa

The final aim of this project is to put together a congress whose theme is Modernity in the Lusophone literatures: António Jacinto and the literary text creation, 27-29th November 2013.

The congress is the result of the research work developed by CLEPUL’s Research Group 2 on Modernity, Identity, Historiography and Dialogue with Modern Literatures of African Lusophone countries. Preparing this congress will include establishing partnerships (one of the organizers of this congress is the CLEPUL member Fabio Mario, PhD student from the University of Évora) and the possibility of sponsoring by Angolan institutions. Regarding some of the unpublished work by the poet António Jacinto, this event will be an opportunity for it to be studied and disseminated amongst interested participants.