Critical Anthology of Jorge de Sena’s Correspondence

Publication of an anthological volume of Jorge de Sena’s correspondence. The correspondence of this author is extremely rich, with ten volumes already edited. During the years Sena lived in Brazil and United States, between 1959 and 1978 (date of death), he kept a vivid and often fraternal relationship with the major writers and intellectuals of that time (José Régio, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, José-Augusto França, Eduardo Lourenço, among others). To provide to secondary education and university students the informed access to these extremely rich documents, and thus to the great themes and discussions of the XX century Portuguese culture, constitutes the objective of the edition of a critical anthology of Sena’s letters, currently in preparation both in Portugal and Brazil.        


• To edit an anthological volume of Jorge de Sena’s edited correspondence;
• To publish also some unknown letters, enlarging the published corpus of Jorge de Sena’s correspondence;
• To contribute to a better knowledge of the contemporary Portuguese culture and literature;
• To contribute to deepen the knowledge of Jorge de Sena’s work;
• To make Jorge de Sena’s correspondence accessible to secondary education students and professors, and to university students.