Collection Edition of Essays on Jorge Amado, Portugal and Neorealism

Jorge Amado, Portugal and Neorealism. Collection of texts commemorating the centenary of the writer (ed. Vania Pinheiro Chaves)

The centenary of the birth of Jorge Amado, the most popular Brazilian author of the Lusophone countries and one of the reference figures for its intellectuals and writers, was celebrated in 2012. Thus, in this year, the Centre for Lusophone and European Literatures and Cultures from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, the Centre for Portuguese Literature at the Faculty of Humanities from the University of Coimbra, the Transdisciplinary Research Centre “Culture, Space and Memory” from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, in partnership with the Museum of Neo-Realism (Vila Franca of Xira), the Mission of Brazil to the CPLP, the State University of Santa Cruz (Ilhéus, Brazil) and the Brazilian Academy of Letters, teamed up to organize the International Colloquium 100 Years of Jorge Amado: the Writer, the Portugal and the Neorealism, which took place in Portugal from 12 to 16 November 2012. It was attended by national and foreign scholars on the life and work of Amado, as well as prominent cultural figures from Lusophone countries that were intellectually and emotionally close to him. From the presented set of communications and statements were selected some of the texts comprising this collection, whose main intentions are to revive the memory of a writer that constitutes a heritage of the greatest importance in the Lusophone world and to update the reading and interpretation of his work.