Critical Edition of the Lira Sacra [Sacred Lyre] of Manuel Botelho de Oliveira

Manoel de Oliveira Botelho. Lira Sacra [Sacred Lyre]. Critical edition, introduction and comments by Enrique Rodrigues-Moura

This project aims to republish the set of religious themed poems by Manoel de Oliveira Botelho (Salvador da Bahia, 1636-1711). These texts, unpublished during the poet’s lifetime, are known today through two publications: the paleographical edition by Heitor Martins, dated 1971 and long unavailable, which is based on a manuscript preserved in the Public Library of Évora, and the modernized edition of Adma Muhana, published in 2005, based on the previous version but updating the spelling of the poems, with the intention of disseminating the work of Botelho de Oliveira, which doesn’t display, however, new developments in the context of textual criticism. The ongoing project in CLEPUL is based on the comparative study of the manuscript of Évora with another belonging to the National Library of Portugal, in view of establishing a reliable critical text. The volume to be published also includes an introduction featuring comments and interpretations of the value of the religious poetry of Botelho de Oliveira in the context of Luso-Brazilian and Iberian baroque poetry.