Unpublished Manuscripts of "A Ilustre Casa de Ramires" – genetic edition

This set of manuscripts of A Ilustre Casa de Ramires, by Eça de Queirós, was discovered in 2007 in the vault of a Bank in Lisbon and is currently held in the National Library of Portugal, comprising 186 folios. Here we can read two versions of the first seven chapters of this novel, revealing a great number of different variations among themselves and also regarding its two published versions (1897-1899 and 1900). The preparation of this new edition, involving both experts on Eça de Queirós’ work and on textual criticism, will contribute to new revelations about this writer and the knowledge on his work. The text’s decoding and transcription work, as well as the registering and classification of variations, are being carried out by young researchers, under the supervision of the experts who oversee the project.