The Women from the "Luso-Brazilian Remembrance Almanac”

Conducted in partnership with researchers integrated in CLEPUL’s Research Group 6 and the Letters Research Group from Minas (UFMG), as well as collaborators from the former, belonging to other Brazilian Portuguese universities, this project, while still in early stages, aims to survey all of women’s collaborations in the 86 volumes of the Remembrance Almanac (1851-1932), with the goal of producing a list of names and aliases used by the "ladies" who wrote in this annual publication. The follow up will be a more complex phase of research that will seek to identify, if not all, as many as possible of these writers and rebuild their bio-bibliography, to create a database on the presence of the woman-writer in the Remembrance Almanac, which, though much lower than that of men, is of great importance for the history of Luso-Brazilian culture, and can only be accurately assessed by the end of the research.

Parallel and progressively we will study the most representative figures of the feminine universe of the Remembrance Almanac, their texts and the communications established not only between these "ladies", but even among them with the publishers and the male employees of the yearbook, in order to demonstrate the network of contacts and influences generated in a publication that had among its main goals the defense of the historical and cultural ties between Portugal and Brazil. Research and studies will include communications in national and international conferences and publications. Among the latter, there is a collection of short monographs of "Ladies of the Almanac", accompanied by texts that were published in it.

This task foresees:

  1. Surveying and listing the women collaborators of the Luso-Brazilian Remembrance Almanac and their production cast.
  2. Research for construction of a bibliographic record for each one of the women authors in partnership with a group of Brazilian researchers, coordinated by Professor Constancia Lima Duarte (UFMG).
  3. Preparation of the first volumes of a collection of anthologies of the Luso-African-Brazilian writers who collaborated in the Luso-Brazilian Remembrance Almanac
  4. Organization of a workshop on the almanacs of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and their women collaborators.
  5. Organization of workshops on women writers of the Luso-Brazilian Remembrance Almanac.
  6. Participation of CLEPUL researchers in an international colloquium on women's writing.