Azores in the “Luso-Brazilian Remembrance Almanac”

Azores in the Remembrance Almanac (1851-1932). Texts and Comments (org. Maria Margarida Maia Gouveia and Vania Pinheiro Chaves)

This project intends to gather in an single volume the set of texts both in prose and verse by Azorean authors and themes, published in the Remembrance Almanac – the first of the three titles of the yearbook founded by Alexandre Magno de Castilho –, along with notes, comments and studies on them, elaborated by researchers from CLEPUL and other scholars on this subject. 

Constituted by 86 volumes published between 1850 and 1931 and bringing together a wide range of writings from very diverse origins, the Almanac includes in its pages an interesting acquis of writings about Azores, which isolation didn’t hinder access to this space of such a broad cultural projection. The islands were considered, for many motives, for important historical facts in the context of the national History taking place in Azores, and for strictly insular events (calamities, earthquakes, volcanoes), travel chronicles, traditions and customs, heritage, references to villages and monuments. The presence of some writers, native and/or living in the islands – focusing a modest literary existence, trying at the same time a tuning with the outside and referring both the literary activity in general and journals or periodical publications of the time – also increases the interest of the project.