The Rio Grande do Sul in the "Luso-Brazilian Remembrance Almanac"

The Rio Grande do Sul in the Luso-Brazilian Remembrance Almanac. Texts and Studies (General Coordinator Vania Pinheiro Chaves)

Conducted in partnership with researchers integrated in CLEPUL’s Research Group 6 and by collaborators of the Centre, belonging to various universities of Rio Grande do Sul, this project aims to collect, collate, analyze and edit the texts and themes of gaucho authors, whose memory has been lost, and who are dispersed by the 86 volumes of the Luso-Brazilian Remembrance Almanac.

This updated and annotated edition seeks to demonstrate that the very popular and important yearbook created by Alexandre Magno de Castilho fulfilled its purpose of defending history’s connections and the common culture of Portugal and Brazil, either because of its dissemination throughout the whole Rio Grande territory, as above all by the regular presence of its intense pages of content and writers of Rio Grande do Sul. This collection is complemented by bio-bibliography files about the authors, notes about the published texts and a collection of essays produced by the project members.