Luso-Brazilian Critical and illustrated Dictionary of Saints

This project encourages the production of summarized critical analyses, reflecting the currently existing scientific knowledge on the life, work and recognition of specific cultural and religious Portuguese personalities who have officially been considered by the Catholic Church or by tradition as being saints. All the accumulated knowledge from the beginning of Christianity until today will be thoroughly analyzed and gathered. These personalities, real or legendary, living on what today is Portuguese and Brazilian territories, became important from the cultural and devotional points of view. Hagiographic writings, reports, recent studies, epistolary and epigraphic work, all of it constitutes the starting point to carry out thorough analysis for the making of this dictionary. 

We shall rely upon the artistic representation in painting, sculpture, and other art forms, in order to gather more material to produce accurate analysis, and also to generously illustrate this dictionary.

The personalities chosen to become part of this dictionary will be saints born and deceased in Portugal and in Brazil, born in Portugal and Brazil and deceased abroad, born abroad and deceased in Portugal and Brazil, and beatified personalities praised as saints in Portugal and in Brazil. Other saints will be considered, in particular those of both historical and legendary tradition, and local saints.

Church beatified personalities in general will not be considered, nor those currently to become beatified.