Annotated and Updated Edition of the Complete Works of Father António Vieira

Father António Vieira’s life, action and work have deserved in the last decades an increased interest. Being Vieira one the most prominent and multifaceted figures of both Portugal and Brazil’s history, many studies centered in this author have come to light in various areas of knowledge (literature, history, political science, theology, philosophy, philology, economy, anthropology, sociology, law…), contributing to highlight the route of this Jesuit preacher, as well as to fairly value his work’s place in the Western culture’s framework. Given this, in the sequence of Father António Vieira’s death and birth centenary commemorations, held between 2008 and 2010, respectively, we understand that the best legacy for posterity is the promotion of a systematic edition work of his writings, able to make it known and accessible to the general public, and internationally diffused.

Counting on the participation of experts and researchers on studies about Vieira or alike, we intend to prepare an updated and annotated edition, in paper and digital form, of the Complete Works of Father António Vieira, followed by the elaboration of a Multimedia Dictionary of Vieira and a selection of the author’s works translated into 12 international circulation idioms.

Innovative character of the project

In fact, much has been said and written lately about Vieira, but there isn’t an edition of the global and updated work of this baroque preacher. It is our conviction that a work of this nature, which doesn’t compete with other ongoing projects with a more partial nature and erudite approach, will constitute an unprecedented, necessary and of obligatory reference input for the promotion of knowledge, diffusion and research, facilitating the teaching of Father António Vieira’s work, eminent personality of our Letters.


• 8 Volumes: chronologically organized correspondence 
• 15 Volumes: Sermons following a theme-based organization 
• 5 Volumes: Prophetic Works (Esperanças de Portugal, História do Futuro, Clavis Prophetarum, Defesa Perante o Tribunal do Santo Ofício) 
• 2 Volumes: Economic, political, social writings, mission journeys reports and other texts.