Ana Sofia Narciso dos Santos

Sofia Santos (1985-). Concluded a graduation in Portuguese Studies and a Masters degree in Romanic Studies (Modern and Contemporary Portuguese Literature) at the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon University. Is now working on a Phd entitled Luiz Pacheco ou o percurso de um vanguardismo heterodoxo. As a CLEPUL member has published, amongst other writings, articles concerning to projects such as “The Negative Culture in Portugal”, in the publication Letras ConVida, as well as topics related to her area of interests in the poetry magazine Golpe d’Asa, with a special incidence in the context in which Luiz Pacheco performed is artistic actuation and the study of the modern fictional narrative in the transition to Post- Modernity. Has recently integrated the organization of the congress Surrealismo(s) em Portugal (Gulbenkian Foundation, Perve Galery, FLUL, 18-22 of November 2013), event divulged in JL, n.º 1125, de 13 a 26 November 2013, p. 4.