Serafina Maria Grazina Martins

Professional address:
Faculdade de Letras
Alameda da Universidade 
1600-214 Lisboa


Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon (Department of Romanic Literatures), obtained a Ph.D. in 2000 with a dissertation entitled To Know How to Live in Order to Know How To Die: A Fictional Image of Love in Aquilino Ribeiro.  She authored several essayistic works on the Portuguese literary essay (a co-authored essay, included in the book of Fernando J.B. Martinho (ed.) Literatura Portuguesa. Século XX [Portuguese Literature of the Twentieth Century], Lisbon, Camões Institute, 2004); on literary Orientalism and on Portuguese authors such as Almeida Garrett, Alexandre Herculano, Camilo Castelo Branco (essay included in the Dicionário de Personagens da Novela Camiliana [Dictionary of Characters of the Camilian Novel], Lisbon, Caminho, 2002); on António Patrício, Aquilino Ribeiro, José Régio, José Rodrigues Miguéis, José Marmelo e Silva, Maria Ondina Braga. 

She edited together with Maria Isabel Rocheta The Portuguese Short Story (XIX-XXI Centuries): Critical Anthology (Porto, Caixotim Editions, 2006); The Portuguese Short Story (XIX -XXI Centuries): Critical Anthology 2 (Porto, Caixotim Editions, 2009); and The Portuguese Short Story (XIX-XXI Centuries): Critical Anthology 3 (Porto, Caixotim Editions, 2011), as part of the production of the Centre for Lusophone and European Literatures and Cultures (FLUL). She is a researcher of the Centre since 1987 and participates in several projects: "Anthology of the Short Story" and "Bibliography of the Story," while she coordinates the project "The Portuguese Literary Orientalism (XIX-XXI Century)”. 

She is associated to the Center for Classical Studies and to the Center of Anglicist Studies, University of Lisbon (both FLUL). Additionally, she was the director of the Course on Asian Studies (FLUL).