Alice João Palma Borges Gago

Alice Borges Gago's degree in History at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Has a Master in Medieval History with the work: A casa senhorial de Diogo Soares de Albergaria and a postgraduation in Information Science.

She has participated in several research projects, in the transcription and publication of historical sources. Among her publications are included: the six volumes of Tombos of the Order of Christ, published by the Centre of Historical Studies of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, “Uma casa senhorial beirã de Quatrocentos”, “O foral de Reriz de 1514”, “O foral de S. João de Areias de 1514” e “Uma família de mercadores na Guimarães medieval” and Manuel Heleno: photobiography, published by INCM.

She is currently a researcher with a fellowship in “Vieira Global” project, collaborating since April 2013 in the transcription of unpublished texts to integrate the Complete Works of Father António Vieira published by Círculo de Leitores.