Maria de Lourdes Gonçalves Soeiro Cidraes

Maria de Lourdes Cidraes is a Ph.D. in Portuguese Literature from the University of Lisbon with the thesis Cloudy Mirror. The Portuguese National Theatre and the Mythology of António Patrício, and a MA in Portuguese Literature from the same university with a thesis entitled From Silence of the Voice to the Voices of Silence. Pessoa's Faust and Heteronym Staging. She is a retired professor from the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, where he taught the courses on French Literature, Portuguese Literature and Portuguese Culture for Bachelors and Masters Degrees. She is a researcher at the Centre for Portuguese Folk Traditions Professor Manuel Viegas Guerreiro (CTPP), currently a CLEPUL Pole. She has developed her scientific research work and teaching in the area of Literary and Cultural Studies, particularly in the field of Portuguese national imaginary and its representations in literature and art, and participated in several national and international scientific meetings and published several books and articles of the specialty.