António José Rosas da Silva Pereira

António Rosas is a Portuguese writer and academic, holding a Ph.D. in Political Science from Universidade de Compostela and a M.A. in Culture and Communication from Universidade do Porto. Apart from lecturing at Universidade Aberta, Portugal, António is author and co-author of chapters and articles dealing with social movements, digital technologies, and political ideologies. His last contribution as a co-author is a chapter on political ideologies edited by Cambridge Scholars Publishing while two further chapters dealing with the Portuguese social movement "Geração à Rasca" and Middle East Bloggers will be publish in 2014 by two leading international publishers. Between 2010 and 2012, António Rosas was Research Director of the Meta-Activism Project, an international and global project directed at the study of digitally mediated political action. This project was founded by Mary Joyce, campaign manager of Barack Obama, it was funded by the United States Intitute for Peace and the MacArthur Foundation and is now hosted by Philip Horward at the University of Washington. You can follow António interests and projects at his personal webpage,