Aida Paula Sampaio Coelho Lemos

Aida Sampaio Lemos has a PhD in Philology Galician and Portuguese, with the thesis “The Sete Tratados Cartusianos. Publishing and Glossary. Contributions to Language Study” (2010), Master in Teaching Portuguese Language and Literature, with the dissertation “Primeira Partida of Alfonso X - Glossary. Contributions to Language Study” (1997), and an MSc in Teaching of Portuguese/ French (1992). Lecturer in secondary schools (1992-1996 and 2007-2013), in the Department of Portuguese Studies at the Institute of Arts and Human Sciences, University of Minho (1997-2006), where she was also a researcher at the Center for Humanistic Studies (CEHUM). She has published articles and participated in several national and international conferences, presenting work related to text editing. She is currently investigating the integrated CLEPUL, and the basis of requisition to the Ministry of Education, which integrates Vieira Global Project that exercises oversight functions of the linguistics of the Obra Completa do Padre António Vieira.