The Brazil Collection, published in electronic format by the Chair Infante Dom Henrique for Atlantic Island Studies and Globalization – related to the Centre for Lusophone and European Literatures and Cultures of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon (CLEPUL) – in partnership with Fundação Editora UNESP (FEU), aims to make known both to experts and to the interested public a wide and significant set of unpublished or forgotten texts of the literary, historical and cultural heritage of Brazil, together with essays written by national and foreign experts on new or scarcely addressed themes in the field of Brazilian studies.

Therefore, this collection provides a privileged place to founding works of Brazilian literature, including disperse texts by Portuguese-Brazilian writers and historical and literary documents in manuscript form that remain difficult to find and read, and whose publication in the 17th or 18th centuries, in particular in periodicals and collective works, has long been erased from the cultural memory of Brazil. Publishing these writings of great historical and/or aesthetic value in ebook, with updated spelling, introductory study and explanatory notes will make them accessible to a multitude of readers from all over the world.

Among the first volumes of the collection we can find, besides the first work – Descrição da Quinta de Belas, by Domingos Caldas Barbosa, practically forgotten even among scholars from Brazil and Portugal after its princeps edition, dated 1799 –, three collections of the poetry of José Basílio da Gama, among which the Latin poem Brasilienses Aurifodinae stands out, until now unpublished and untranslated. The lyrical poetry by this important Arcadian from Minas, who belonged to the Roman Arcadia, glorified the Pombaline administration and resided in Portugal most of his life, will include unknown compositions or versions different from those previously published. Also noteworthy is the volume of satires authored by Olavo Bilac under pseudonyms, published in periodicals in which he collaborated, although, according to the testimony by Eloy Pontes about his will, he forbade their republishing.

The collection will publish, on the other hand, essays resulting from recent research in areas of knowledge not yet explored, carried out by researchers dedicated to the study of the culture, literature and history of Brazil, including the reconstruction and analysis of a fundamental period of Jorge Amado’s life and political militancy, when he was in exile in France and Czechoslovakia, and in which he maintained a close connection with foreign intellectuals and artists with a similar ideological stance, by the Portuguese-Canadian researcher Rui Afonso, and the study of the reception of Lima Barreto in Portugal, carried out by João Marques Lopes, as a fellow of the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional, in Rio de Janeiro.

These are just the first proposals of a series that seeks to be extremely fruitful in disseminating relevant works and documents from and about Brazil. Directed by Professors Vania Pinheiro Chaves (University of Lisbon) and Tânia Regina De Luca (UNESP), the Brazil Collection includes a Scientific Committee formed by experts in the different fields of knowledge it covers. This international committee brings together professors and researchers from several Portuguese, Brazilian and foreign institutions, whose main function is the evaluation of the works to be published. The competence, exemption and number of these advisors does not prevent them from publishing in the Brazil Collection, as they are experts in the subjects they evaluate, with the appreciation of the work of one of them being carried out by other members of the said committee.

Lisbon / São Paulo

Vania Pinheiro Chaves and Tânia Regina De Luca


Vania Pinheiro Chaves
Tânia Regina De Luca

Scientific Committee:
Beatriz Weigert
Cláudia Poncioni
Enrique Rodrigues-Moura
Francisco das Neves Alves
Francisco Topa
Gilda Santos
José Eduardo Franco
Maria Aparecida Ribeiro
Maria Eunice Moreira
Virgínia Camilotti

Editorial Coordination:
Joana Balsa de Pinho

Graphic Design:
Jorge Vieira


Volume I

Title: Domingos Caldas Barbosa: Descrição da Quinta de Belas
Editing and critical study: Luisa Sawaya | Vitor Serrão | Ana Isabel Correia
Date: 2018 

Volume II

Title: Jorge Amado: et les chemins de l’exil
Editing and critical study: Rui Afonso
Date: 2019

Volume III

Title: A recepção de Lima Barreto em Portugal: Documentação Fundação Biblioteca Nacional
Editing, notes and critical studyJoão Marques Lopes
Date: 2020

Volume IV

Title: Olavo Bilac: sátiras
Editing and critical studyAlvaro Simões Junior
Date: 2017

Volume V

Title: Portugal d’agora: João do Rio
Introduction, editing and notes: Silvia Maria Azevedo e Tania Regina De Luca
Date: 2019