In September, CLEPUL resumed this biobibliographic platform, which was being developed at, until its closing by its founder on April 13th, 2018.

Months later, we returned to the project of building a common house for Lusophone writing: we recovered part of the inserted data, while creating new references crucial for the vitality of a Centre with more than 500 researchers, both national and foreign. From the outset, we offer the thousands of pages contained in the Biblioteca Lusitana [BL] and in the Portuguese Bibliographic Dictionary [DBP], maintaining the spelling of Diogo Barbosa Machado and Inocêncio Francisco da Silva and their successors.

Along with the repository of the University of Lisbon, resources such as, the databases (Bibliography of the Short Story, Digital Archive of Traditional Oral Literature, indexes of Brotéria, among others), the digitization of publications, such as Revista Lusitana and others, or ebooks, all at, we consider the immediate connection to the publishing market to be decisive, honouring the creators of all genres and latitudes in their Portuguese inspiration.

The regular monitoring of initiatives and the current news are of general interest, so we invite authors, publishers, booksellers and other agents to accompany us. Other links will be used for an attentive, questioning and profound topicality.

Ernesto Rodrigues