On 24 June 2008 was founded the Scipionic Circle – Young Researchers’ Academy.

It is a training, discussion, critical thinking, knowledge and experiences’ sharing space, directed to young researchers.

Exposing and discussing research results with an interdisciplinary perspective, young researchers and more experienced researchers learn here to develop and improve methods and analyses, in a way to open new knowledge borders.

Tradition and innovation are combined towards the construction of a soundly based knowledge, able to motivate new quests, headed for the production of advanced culture and the obtainment of qualification through science.

Currently, the Scipionic Circle is divided in two segments: Sessions – discussion space open to the public, counting on the participation of invited researchers, possibly external to the centre; Lunchtime Seminars – restricted space on a two-weeks basis, where young researchers present their researches result to colleagues.

Consult the Circle’s blog here.     

Lunchtime Seminars



Session CCLXIX (web seminar) | September 1 | Patrícia Monteiro | Revestimentos arquitetónicos na Baixa Pombalina: um programa integrado

Session CCLXVIII (web seminar) | Session XVI Pombaline Studies Seminar | July 28 | João Luís Cardoso | Arqueologia Pombalina

Session CCLXVII | Session XV Pombaline Studies Seminar | March 4 | Rafael Magalhães | Quem escreveu as Memórias de El-Rei Dom José I? Os Manuscritos VI-III-3-1-22 e Códice 132

Session CCLXVI | March 3 | Isabel Lousada e Márcio Matiassi Cantarin | As Mulheres no Mundo da Ciência do Trabalho

Session CCLXV | February 19 | Rute Bernardes | Quando o futuro começa AGORA! Uma visão pedagógica inovadora inspirada nas necessidades das novas gerações

Session CCLXIV | Session XIII Pombaline Studies Seminar | February 3 | José Milhazes | A receção de Pombal na Rússia

Session CCLXIII | Session XII Pombaline Studies Seminar | January 30 | Cristina Trindade | O Marquês de Pombal e a Madeira: o caso específico da Lei dos quintos e dos oitavos

Session CCLXII | January 22 | Sílvia Azevedo | O almirante (1904-1906), romance inédito de Domingos Olímpio

Session CCLXI | January 16 | Paulo Mendes Pinto | Os desafios da diversidade religiosa na atualidade

Session CCLX | January 2 | Antonio Nery | O (anti)clericalismo em Camilo Castelo Branco