Coordinator: Vania Pinheiro Chaves

CLEPUL’s Group 6 is a product of the 2010 subdivision of the old Investigation Area 2 (CPLP Literatures and Cultures), and its aims are:

1. The recovery and study of Brazilian and Portuguese cultural, literary and historical sources, previously unavailable or published in newspapers, magazines, anthologies and books;

2. The study, analysis and development of Portuguese-Brazilian relations, especially in the field of historiography, literary creation and criticism, and about texts constructing images of the Other;

3. The exchange of knowledge and ideas with national and international experts from the same fields of study, through conferences, seminars and colloquia organized by the group itself or attended by its researchers;

4. The publishing of research results by CLEPUL’s journals and books or by partner institutions and publishers;

5. Advanced training through the (co)orientation of dissertations, PhD theses and post-doctoral internships by Faculty of Letters researchers and other national and international institutions;

6. Collaboration with foreign institutions (visiting Professors);

7. Participation in dissemination activities in education or culture institutions in Portugal and abroad.