This Office is a research and dissemination group, integrated in the Centre for Lusophone and European Literatures and Cultures Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon (CLEPUL) and at its pole at the Aberta University, through the Chair Infante Dom Henrique For Atlantic Island Studies And Globalization, resulting from the realisation of a gender gap transversal to the various cultural, scientific and social segments.

This Office creates a geography of defence and builds bridges and paths towards positive discrimination, privileging the production, dissemination and internationalisation of knowledge around women, with a view to reducing the gender gap at its origin.

This Office is based on the triple purpose of building, training and transforming, and is shaped by the spirit of the Social Science and Humanities (SSH) and Digital Humanities (DH) promotion movements.

This group is made of researchers (both young people at the beginning of their careers and senior researchers) and both national and international cultural and scientific consultants, from a wide variety of backgrounds, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary, but with common motivations and affinities and collaborative attitudes. They intend to contribute to social progress and to the empowerment of women and equality.

The Office is a platform that welcomes and stimulates the development of projects, works and studies with a multiple and egalitarian perspective that will constitute its identity. Additionally, it favours the establishment of plural partnerships (public/private and/or national/international) in order to gather support and win-win relations.

In this context, the Office has signed its first protocol with the International Women’s Museum - MIMA, revealing its vocation of production, dissemination and internationalisation of knowledge. Besides this, it proposes to develop the following editorial and scientific projects:

- Elas Collection;
- Women and Europe;
- Elas nas Exatas game;
- Houses of Women Writers;
- Organisation of the 50th anniversary of the death of Virgínia Victorina - Alcobaça.

Isabel Lousada e Isabel Baltazar

Adriana Mello
Alexandre Honrado
Ana Pires da Silva
Cristina Firmino
Jorge Pereira de Sampaio
José Bernardino
Juliana Bonilha
Luísa Paolinelli
Maria Alexandre Bettencourt Pires
Nair Alexandra
Paula Rodrigues
Paulo Perneta
Raquel Lobo do Vale
Rosa Fina
Sandra Patrício
Susana Araújo
Vanda de Sousa
Vanda Figueiredo

Anália Torres
Anne Cova
Antonella Cagnolatti
Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha
Eva Alterman Blay
Irene Vaquinhas
Joaquim Melro
Luís Sobreira
Manuel Mendes Silva
Suzan van Dijk