Coordinator: Annabela de Carvalho Vicente Rita

The purpose of this group is the study of the most representative aspects of aesthetic evolution from Romanticism to Contemporary Portuguese literature, according to the dialogue between the Arts (in the broadest sense of the term) and their aesthetic motifs in literature. 

Although Portuguese Literature is still the main focus of this Research Centre, due to its tradition, the currently adopted approach resides on its interartistical relationship with Lusophone and European literature.

Due to its nature, research involves dialogue with and between different fields, which is expressed in many of this Group's achievements and work programs, and networking with other Research Groups of CLEPUL (especially 3, 5, 7 and Autonomous Projects).

The CLEPUL Pole in the University of Fernando Pessoa (Porto), under the coordination of Professor Isabel Ponce de Leão and assisted by Professor Sérgio Lira, constitutes a hub of researchers in this Research Group, converging all efforts towards common achievements.