Coordination: Patrícia Monteiro


Imaginare, is the act of idealising and materialising an image, a prefiguration of artistic creation in its various dimensions and manifestations. This designation identifies the working group that studies art and heritage in Portugal in the modern era, which, in chronological terms, covers the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries.

IMAGINARE is part of CLEPUL Research Group 7 - Cultural Heritage Metamorphoses (University of Lisbon) and CIDH - Chair Infante D. Henrique for Atlantic Island Studies and Globalization (Aberta University), coordinated by Professor José Eduardo Franco. Since the 1970s, CLEPUL has brought together a number of researchers who have been developing their work within Portuguese culture in its many aspects, promoting interdisciplinarity and sharing knowledge not only among its members, but also with the general public. Since 2015, this research centre has been associated with CIDH, which has reinforced its scientific and multidisciplinary research component.

The aim is to create a team of researchers who, within their respective areas of expertise, can contribute to the characterization, analysis and dissemination of one of the richest and most complex periods of Portuguese History and Art.


- Promotion and development of multidisciplinary projects (individual or collective), related to the Portuguese History, Art and Heritage of the modern period; 

- Dissemination of research results in specialised scientific journals;

- Partnerships with national institutions (academic and other) dedicated to research, but also to heritage valuation and preservation;

- Establishment of a comprehensive network of researchers who, together, can promote the dissemination of the subject themes of this office;

- Consultancy for the development of research projects and heritage valuation for institutions that need this support;

- Support the realization of dissertations and academic work (masters, doctorates and postdoctoral studies) of researchers from the University of Lisbon and other institutions;

- Dissemination and training activities aimed at a general and specialized audience, through the organization and participation in national and foreign events: colloquia, workshops, seminars, free courses, multimedia product development and promotion of a program of visits or thematic routes.

Coordinator: Patrícia Monteiro

Co-coordinator: Joana Balsa de Pinho