Coordinator: Ernesto Rodrigues

Following the International Colloquium East Timor: Five Hundred Years in Touch With the World, organized in October 2012 at the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon, and the Colloquium East Timor in the Area of Cultural Crossroads in February 2013, in the Library Espaço para Timor in Lisbon, an additional effort should be made to support the insertion of the first Timorese university researchers in the vast Lusophone world.

Furthermore, in November 2012, the University of Lisbon (UL) awarded, for the first time in Portugal, the PhD title to a Timorese scholar, who was then hired by the National University of East Timor, while a second Timorese PhD student is currently under the orientation of the coordinator of this Research Office. With the support from these and other Portuguese experts from UL, a better understanding the Portuguese presence across the world can be achieved, while supporting the growing efforts of the development of Timorese higher education.


Disseminate and support the growing internationalization of East Timorese culture, whether in the Lusophone world, whether in the international sphere, particularly European.


1. Edition, in print and online, of university theses and dissertations.
2. Organisation of seminars and international conferences.
3. Launching of a website which gives visibility to the international exchange in East Timor.