Coordinator: Júlio Martín da Fonseca

This Office aims to contribute for a better understanding of the Performative and Audiovisual creation, namely through a mapping of its landscape, which includes a vast epistemological field, covering the performative arts, visual arts and sound, film, television and digital media, through the understanding of their interrelationships and their importance as phenomena of Communication and Culture.

It consists of three fundamental and complementary components: the first concerns the institution of an Observatory on the national, European and Lusophone realities for these artistic and technological areas and the clarification of their specific nature and social function; the second was established as Operative, as a place for furthering encounters and dialogues that will analyze the magnitude of these relational and communicational phenomena on a global scale; the third one promotes a Laboratory, which will investigate experimentally and can help develop specific projects, namely Practice-based Research. For this purpose, TUT – Theatre of the Technical University of Lisbon (which has more than 30 years of existence) and ESTAL – School of Technology and Arts of Lisbon, are included as key partners for experimentation and learning. 

Thus, while developing a network with other CLEPUL Research Groups, this Office implements the operation of a set of (reflective and reflexive) research instruments that will seek to ethically and scientifically dignify and enhance, for the sake of national identity and the progress of mankind, the place of Culture and Literature in Performative and Audiovisual Creation in society.


Júlio Martín da Fonseca 
Nélia Cruz 


Maria João Rocha
Ana Nunes 
Beatriz Portugal
Ana Sofia Santos
Sofia Soromenho 
Bernardo Gama
Joana Pupo Correia de Castro Oliveira
Mafalda Sebastião


Nuno Cortez
Manuel Vieira