Coordinator: Serafina Martins

Research Group 1 is dedicated to the study of Portuguese Literature and Culture, as well as its relations with the Lusophone world. Thus, many research activities are currently in progress, with emphasis on the appreciation of the works of great authors, critical reflection on literature and its teaching, and the production of reference works. The research is partly performed by young Master and PhD students from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, under the supervision of experts who coordinate the projects.

Crossing philology and queirozian studies, a genetic edition of an unpublished manuscript of Eça de Queirós, containing the first seven chapters of A Ilustre Casa de Ramires in their successive versions (which overlap in many of the 184 folios that comprise it), was published in 2016. The study of the work of Fernando Pessoa, in particular O Livro do Desassossego, has led to three International Conferences in the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon and the publishing of the volumes Central de Poesia Central de Poesia. A recepção de Fernando Pessoa (2011) and Central de Poesia. O Livro do Desassossego (2014). The outline of a critical anthology of Jorge de Sena’s rich correspondence from 1937-1978 is also under development, as well as the creation of an essay Prize carrying his name, with three editions so far. 

The support for the teaching of Portuguese literature has manifested itself in the making of the essay collection O Domínio do Instável. A Jacinto Prado Coelho, and critical anthologies such as Conto Português (Séculos XIX-XXI), Antologia Crítica [The Portuguese Short Story (XIX-XXI Centuries) Critical Anthology] and O Conto na Lusofonia, Antologia Crítica [The Short Story in Lusophony, Critical Antology] (five volumes published so far, with two others under preparation), and three International Conferences on Portuguese literature for children and young people.