Coordination: Francisco Ferreira

The Pole/old Centre for Portuguese Folk Traditions Professor Manuel Viegas Guerreiro, designated by the initials CTPP, or recently by CLEPUL/CTPP, is a research unit of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, associated to CLEPUL, as its pole.

The Pole/old Centre for Portuguese Folk Traditions had its origin in the Line of Action no. 4 of the Centre for Geographical Studies (INIC - National Institute of Scientific Research), dedicated to the study and collection of Portuguese Traditional and Folk Literature. It was an initiative of Professor Manuel Viegas Guerreiro, collaborator of José Leite de Vasconcellos, who wanted to promote the study of Folk Traditional Literature, Traditions, Anthropology and Ethnography, absent in the scientific fields of the Faculty of Letters, though well represented by researchers of its past, such as Adolfo Coelho, Teófilo Braga and Leite de Vasconcellos himself, and then institutionalized in university curricula reforms in post-25 April (for example, with the creation of the discipline of Oral and Traditional Literature).

In 1993, due to its strong development, this Line of Action or Research led to the Centre for Portuguese Folk Traditions, also by the initiative of Prof. Viegas Guerreiro and his group of collaborators. Through a continued field work, over decades, the Line of Action and the CTPP were able to gather an abundant collection of texts of Traditional Folk Literature, which were properly classified and stored in files, representing each of the different genres in collections of unpublished poetry (quatrains, cinquains, décimas, novels, children's rhymes), prayers and vows, proverbs and jokes, tales, legends, and even "casques" of dramatic texts. Besides this, the Centre also owns a significant acquis of traditional music, with songs recorded on magnetic tape, cassettes, CD and DVDs.

We must also mention the particularly valuable data received from the Civil Service of Students (1975), directed by Michel Giacometti and Fernando Lopes-Graça, with which the Centre (previously the Line of Action) worked closely, and also the work of researchers such as Viegas Guerreiro, Maria Aliete Galhoz, Machado Guerreiro, M. Carlos Patrício and Francisco Melo Ferreira.

It was also possible to relaunch the prestigious Revista Lusitana magazine, founded by Leite de Vasconcellos. From this New Series of the magazine (successively led by L.F. Lindley Cintra, M. Viegas Guerreiro and J.D. Pinto Correia) there were two dozen volumes, some of them already scanned. Having stopped the print edition, the RL-NS will be published digitally.

Initially, scanning the rich collection of CTPP, duly transcribed and rated, and available to the community via the Internet, as a result of the TECNOTRAD project, supported by FCT program funding, has consolidated the presence and importance of the CTPP in the scientific activity panorama.

For some years, the multi-year funding from FCT, through the Foundation of the University of Lisbon, granted research projects with different tasks: Cultural Identity, Literature and Cultural Heritage, Traditional Folk Literature and Classical Literature, Systematization and Classification of Traditional Portuguese Literature.

Based on the collaboration between CTPP and the Faculty of Letters, especially the Department of Romanesque Literatures, through the teaching of the Course and Seminar of Oral and Traditional Literature by Prof. João David Pinto Correia, it was possible to collect and transcribe many compositions of Oral and Traditional Portuguese Literature, as well as practical works, during the 1976 to 2007 period (with a few interruptions in the years when the Professor was absent from teaching), compositions that were preserved and became the main object for the proposal of the application to FCT, in 2008, approved as ADLOT - Project PTDC / CLE – LLI /104023 / 2008 - Digital Archive of Traditional Oral Literature, whose execution time ends in September 2013.

Professors Manuel Viegas Guerreiro, Lucinda Fonseca and João David Pinto Correia were Scientific Coordinators and Directors.

It is also important to emphasize CTPP’s library, specializing in the fields of Anthropology, Ethnography, Traditional Literature, mainly Popular, whether Oral or Written. Students, teachers and experts from all national universities and major foreign institutions such as the universities of Seville (Spain), Poitiers and Paris-Nanterre (France), Bahia, Paraíba and Natal (Brazil), Maputo (Mozambique) and Prague (Czech Republic), have used it. Some foreign scholars (Brazil and Spain) had traineeships in CTPP when preparing their academic work.

The Association Agreement between CLEPUL and CTPP was signed on March 7, 2012.